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2001 Development of 3 Walkie Type Standard Models(Reach, Counter Balance, Stacker Type)
2002 Development of 2 Walkie Type Standard Models(Carrying, Towing Type)
2003 ~ 2007 Development of Various Electric Material Handling Equipment and System
2008.04 Establishment of ELESYS Co., Ltd.
2008.05 Development of Low Profile Forklift for Shipbuliding Company
2008.06 Development of Mast for Auto Guided Vehicle
2008.07 Development of Working Table-equipped Vehicle for Shipbuilding Company
2008.10 Development of Manual Guided Vehicle Carrying LED/LCD Glass
2009.03 Development of Multistep Tower Table Lift for Theme Park
2009.05 Development of Sit-on Type Carrying and Towing Car
2009.08 Development of Vehicle Carring Mega Block or Train
2009.10 Development of Manual Guided Vehicle Carrying Roll Film
2009.11 Development of Auto Guided Carrier for Warehouse(Replacement of Conveyor)
2010.02 Development of 4 Way Walkie Type Side Forklift (Patent No 10-1121660)
2010.03 Development of Auto Guided Vehicle of Stacker Type
2010.04 Development of Parade Car for Theme park
2010.10 Development of Ingot Clamp-carrying Vehicle for Shipbuilding/Steel Mill Company
2010.10 Development of ROBOT-carring Vehicle for Slag Removal
2011.03 Development of Various Lift and Working Table for Occupational Safety and Health Agency
2011.05 Development of Auto Guided Vehicle for Towing
2011.08 Development of Special-purpose Forklift for Marine Vessel
2011.11 Development of Sit-on Type Side Forklift
2011.12 8th/9th Generation Manual Guided Vehicle for LCD/LED
2012.02 Development of Stage Setting and Installation for Performance
2012.05 Development of 8 Ton Auto Guided vehicle
2012.05 Export of Man Guided Vehicle for LCD/LED to China
2012.11 Development of 2.5 Ton Commercial Auto Guided Vehicle
2012.12 Development of 3 Types of Semi- Auto Guided Vehicles
2013.03 Export of Special-purpose Forklift for Taiwan Marine Vessel
2013.05 Development of 100 Ton Rail Guided Vehicle(Linked System by 2 Cars)
2013.05 Manufacturing and Installation of Rail Guided Vehicle
2013.09 Development of Multi Auto Guided Vehicle for Towing

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